A downloadable game

Competition over! You can win a $100 steam card if you become number one in the game. All info is found on the youtube video!

The low-quality version has no trees,  no minimap, and no pterodactyls. A tactic in the low quality version is to skip trees, by skipping the spawnpoint. 

Get all ingredients! There's a list on the top-right corner of the game

TIP TO AVOID THE RAPTORS: Treat them like a bullfight. Let them run to you, and then move out of the way last second. Then you have a few seconds to run forward/backwards/whereever, and repeat.


The Only Version That Counts 64 MB
Normal Quality Version (Does not count in competition) 78 MB


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So good man, really love it.  I am not gonna be winning that sweet cash but enjoyed my time with it so far.
Got stuck in valley after falling from bridge for now.